Welcome to Fair Deal

Welcome to Fair Deal, the Maddocks online enterprise bargaining portal for Victorian local government.

Fair Deal provides local government HR and IR practitioners with the information and resources they need while bargaining for an enterprise agreement. It is a step-by-step practical tool that will guide users through the stages of enterprise bargaining, from pre-bargaining through to implementation.

These resources include:

  • ‘Casebytes’: A concise summary of lessons learnt from relevant case law
  • Checklists to assist with legislative and practical compliance
  • Downloadable documents that can be used during the bargaining process
  • Links to relevant sections of the Fair Work Act 2009, the Fair Work Regulations 2009 and the Fair Work Commission Rules 2013
  • Links to forms issued by the Fair Work Commission
  • Links to resources issued by third parties (for example, benchbooks)


Fair Deal covers the full spectrum of enterprise bargaining stages, from pre-bargaining and bargaining through to the drafting of an agreement, approval by employees and the Fair Work Commission and implementation.

It draws on the vast experience of Maddocks’ market-leading Employment, Safety & People team, which is the adviser of choice for Victorian councils.

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